30 weeks and couldn’t be happier or more scared

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Jewish Baby

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost TEN years since I was expecting my Jewish baby. It couldn’t have been a more scary time. Although I knew people had been having babies for centuries and yes, even in grass huts in the middle of nowhere, there were times when I was certain I would be the first woman be pregnant for the rest of her life. It’s a strange feeling to have another human growing inside of you and I couldn’t quite imagine how I was going to handle so many unknowns.  Having a baby is indeed a blessing and a miracle but it’s also a leap of faith into a whole new world and that terrified me. I needed a support group STAT.

Introducing jBaby Chicago, a new outreach program for new and expectant families from the Jewish United Fund.

The goal of jBaby Chicago is simple; to connect new and expectant families to Jewish life, which in turn helps build a stronger sense of community and a supportive village of men and women who are going through the same thing as you. Looking back on my own pregnancy, I wish  jBaby had been around,  it would have made things so much easier. How lovely to have a place where families can meet, take classes together and learn about ways they can instill Judiasm (both from a social and spiritual perspective) into their young child’s life. How comforting to know you have a community of supporters who have the same worries, questions, concerns (and stretch marks) as you.  And that’s what brings me to why I was at the Catalyst Ranch last Tuesday night moderating a panel for expecting parents.  That’s right I was the moderator for the aptly titled: “What to Expect When you are Expecting a Jewish Baby,” event.

JBABY EXPECTANT PARENT FLYER UPDATEDThe panel consisted of a group of experts, all of whom were outstanding in their own right and came with a wealth of knowledge (and fun anecdotes).

  • Rachel Friedman:  jBaby Chicago Parent Ambassador
  • Cantor David Landau: A popular Chicago area mohel.
  • Rabbi Ari Moffic: Director of InterfaithFamily Chicago
  • Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg: Director of Education for Ask Big Questions, an initiative out of Hillel International
  • Lindsay Pinchuk: Founder of Bump Club and Beyond,

It was a wonderful night and I was quite honored to be included. The conversation flowed from topic to topic and delved into areas of concern such as planning for a Bris, choosing a Hebrew name and finding fun places to take your baby after he/she is born. It was a lovely evening for a lovely cause, helping expectant parents on their upcoming journey. My final takeaway from the evening is, jBaby Chicago is fantastic, dynamic and supportive and it almost makes me wish I was pregnant again. For more information about jBaby Chicago including a schedule of classes (in the city and suburbs), a listing of upcoming get-together ands events and how to get your own jBaby bag of SWAG visit this link!