mban2899hWhat is an ancient grain?

You’d think at my age I’d know. But then again, I grew up thinking  Wonderbread was a food group so it’s probably not THAT surprising that I had no idea ancient grains even existed. But they do, as I soon found out thanks to my friends at Madhava. I’ve known about Madhava sweeteners for a while. I’m a fan of their agave nectar and coconut sugar. My friend Megan works with them so from time to time she’ll send me a sample of goodies to try and review. So that’s how we get to the flapjack mix made with ancient grains. Let me start off by saying there is a reason ancient grains have been around for so long ~ they are GOOD! as in tasty good. The pancake mix was easy to prepare (add a little oil, water and some milk) and mix. The pancakes are a little more dense than your average “batter in a box” pancake and the ancient grains add a boost of fiber, protein and a whole host of healthy nutrients such as zinc, calcium and selenium. But the real winner is me, because JRB  loved the pancakes and thinks I totally rock as a chef, which is good enough for me. So if you’re looking for a healthy breakfast alternative, check out Madhava’s pancake mix made with ancient grains.

Ancient Grains, just one more thing that gets better with age!

Disclosure: Madhava sent me the pancake mix along with a host of different syrups (for pancakes and coffee). However, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are mine! xo