imagesUsing Music to Stop Bullying

Every time I hear a tragic bullying story, my heart stops. I believe kids are born into this world perfect and happy and kind. What happens to make some kids bullies is no doubt complicated, but I firmly believe bullying is a learned behavior. Mean begets mean. As parents, educators, and community members, it’s our job to teach children that meanness is not okay. Being a bully is not okay. That asserting oneself in a way that puts down others is not cool, funny or acceptable. One of the many reasons my marriage broke down was because my ex-husband didn’t like my sense of humor. He didn’t like that I wasn’t particularly sarcastic or caustic or liked to “talk shXt” to other people. I didn’t then and still don’t. I don’t believe in humor that comes from making fun of other people.

Enter Lyle Cogen. Lyle is an award-winning singer-songwriter, recording artist, and theatre performer. She has performed her songs and theatre productions throughout the country and has recently launched a new one-woman show called “Sticks and Stones.” The performance combines  anti-bullying messages with music and drama, which highlights what bullying can do to a person’s soul. Lyle also hammers home the idea that we are all vulnerable to bullying and it is our job to not sit by and be silent bystanders. Currently Lyle is bringing “Sticks and Stones” to schools and community centers around the country. If you are interested in finding out more including how you can get Lyle to come to your community contact Lyle and Pint Size Productions for details.

Check out the video below which shows highlights Lyle’s performance and her quest to stop bullying!