popciclestick_puzzleTwo fun Halloween Ideas: Halloween Puzzles and Jack-o-lantern in a jar

Design your own Halloween Puzzles


6 or More Popsicle Sticks (the more you have, the more challenging the puzzle)
Paint Pens or Markers
Masking Tape


  • Tape the tops of the Popsicle sticks side by side with masking tape.
  • Use paint pens or markers to draw a favorite Halloween image.
  • Allow time for paint to dry.
  • Carefully remove the tape and mix up the sticks.  The puzzle is now ready to be put back together!

*For an added challenge: Once the paint is dry, draw another picture on the backside of the Popsicle sticks, so you have 2 puzzles in one!  Twice as fun and twice as hard!

Jack-o-lantern in a Jar

This project comes courtesy of expert Amanda Formaro. For more information about Amanda and to see more crafts visit www.CraftsbyAmanda.com .


Recycled glass Jars
Non-toxic Acrylic Paint
Felt tip pen or marker
Glow sticks
Spray Glaze


  • Paint each jar with 1 coat of paint.
  • Paint lid black and wait several hour for lid and jar to dry.
  • Use a felt tip pen to draw the outline of a Jack-o-lantern face.
  • Fill in face with black paint and once again, wait several hours to dry.
  • Spray lid and jar with clear glaze (to protect jar against the elements).
  • Add a glow stick to illuminate before displaying!  Boo-tiful!!