TotSpot_MOASTotspot: Hand-Me Downs for your Kids from your Most Stylish Best Friend

Imagine this, you have a girlfriend who dresses her kids in super cute clothes. I’m talking Hannah Anderson, Mini Boden, Ralph Lauren, etc.

Now imagine that your girlfriend gives all her kids’ hand-me downs to you. In return you buy her lunch or give her a small gift. It’s a win / win right? Your girlfriend gets to declutter her kids’ closets and your kids fill their closets with great looking clothes at an affordable price. Well, that’s basically what the founders of Totspot  were thinking when they created their EASY to use app. Why not create a virtual marketplace where parents can seamlessly buy and sell their kids clothes. A place that is EASY to use and can be personalized so you can literally “shop the closets” of moms who are selling clothes that match your style and taste. No more searching  pages and pages of shoes just to find a pair your child likes in a size that fits.

Totspot saves you time,energy and money. It’s the ‘Mommy on a Shoestring’ way.

I’ve teamed up with Totspot to help spread the word about their terrific app. As you know, Jenna and I don’t like hosting banner ads on our site. We feel it’s disingenuous to advertise when our blog is about making, doing, experiencing and living. BUT, we do love the GREEN life which is what you get when parents sell their gently loved clothes to other families at affordable prices. Totspot is also great for those of you with kids who LOVE  designer labels (Uggs, Coach, Ralph Lauren). JRB is almost 9 and suddenly he has become very label conscious. Shirts need to be Nike or UnderArmor, pants must be Adidas and as for “fancy clothes,” it’s Polo or bust. Part of me really hates his label obsession, but part of my understands it. I was the kid who coveted Guess jeans and Lacoste shirts and grimaced when my mom tried to sneak a “JC Penny Fox” into my wardrobe. “What’s the difference between an alligator and a fox?” my mom would ask. “The universe,” I’d reply.

Totspot lets your kids get the labels they want at a fraction of the price.

You can buy Uggs, Coach, and other desirable designers for less than the price of their knock-offs (take that JC Penney Fox!). And since kids grow so quickly, many of the things you buy have barely been worn. Check out this 100% cotton, Polo Sweater I bought for $20…

The Polo sweater came wrapped in tissue with a sweet thank you note!

This Polo sweater came wrapped in tissue with a sweet thank you note!

Yes, on one hand  it kills me that my son wants “designer” clothes. Doesn’t he realize that labels don’t matter? But on the other hand, I get it. He likes the style, the quality, the perceived “cool factor” and if I can buy him what he wants AND still stay within my budget ~ why not?

Using Totspot is as easy as 1,2,3. After all if I can do use it, anyone can.

1. Download the TotSpot App [Note: It will soon be available on Android and there will be a web-based application within the next few weeks]

2. Set up your profile: Don’t forget to include your billing info and address to make future shopping easy.

3. Set up your Tot’s profile ~ I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t like to share info about my kids.” Me neither, but this feature is private and awesome. Once you input your tot’s gender, shoe size, etc, Totspot will curate clothing that is personalized for each child. Plus you give your kids usernames, never upload pictures and Totspot doesn’t share their info with anyone.

Now it’s time to shop. Use the “Buy it Now” feature to buy what you want when you want it and the “Like” feature to flag items you like for a later date. You can also follow the closets of mom’s you like and get notifications which helps you get first dibs on good pieces.

I know I gave you a ton of information. If you need visuals check out this step by step blog  from the ladies at Savvy Sassy Moms and the Blog at Totspot has some REALLY useful tips. And don’t worry, I’ll be writing about Totspot a lot over the course of the next few months, especially as they roll out more features and beef up their already thriving community. And of course Jenna and I are crazy about upcycling so stay tuned for some super cute ideas that you can make. You check out a few here. But before I go I do want to leave you with one take-away:

Totspot lets you “shop” your stylish friend’s closet to get high quality, super cute hand-me downs for your kids.

Have questions? feel free to email me or leave a comment below! Have a GREAT Holiday Weekend! xo

Note: I am a paid Brand Ambassador for Totspot, but all opinions including its awesomeness are my own.