EVO 2012

Top 10 Lessons Learned from EVO 2012

Hi everyone! Well I am back from EVO (The Evolution of Women in Social Media) which is really the dreamiest conference you can imagine.  Held at the Canyons resort near Park City Utah, we were smack dab in the middle of the mountains! This year was extra special because I was asked to be one of the IGNITE speakers, discussing in my passion (BEING NICE).  It was also super great because JRB came along in what has to be one of the most family friendly conferences….here’s my list of the top things I learned!

1.  Talking in front of 350 people the first night of the conference isn’t THAT bad when you A. have slides to rely on, B. get “walk on” music in the form of Mr. Vanilla Ice (“Nice, Nice Baby” is my new theme song) and C. Have several glasses of wine before hitting the stage (or in my case 1/2 a glass of wine which is plenty!)

2.  Meeting other kids is KEY especially when their moms are the lovely and gracious Barbara Jones from the  One2one Network who sweetly agreed to let our babysitter watch both boys while we were at dinner (even though she had her husband and daughter there) just because she understood that having a buddy would be 1,000,000 times better for JRB who is typically allergic to babysitters!  Thank you Barbara!

3.  That Jenny Ingram is universally loved as she was mentioned in 3 separate IGNITE speeches!  And Karen Walrond is a close second as she was mentioned in 2  or 3 as well (and she was the MC and yes, her husband does look like Colin Firth ~ so really SHE is the big winner! )

4.  That Daphne Brodgen is just as cool IRL as she is on TV and her blog. And she was kind not to direct me to “stalkers annonymous” when I told her I have watched, read and viewed EVERYTHING she has ever been in. 

5.  Chicago Investigative reporter and TV icon  Chuck Goudie isn’t the only talent in his house ~ not only do he and his wife, Teri, have 5 children (who are all in the field of journalism in one way or another) but TERI is amazing and her media training is second to none!

6. That a certain someone was on a certain TLC craft show and verfied my belief that another certain someone else is exactly the way I thought she would be!

7.  That  Carly Kerby of LivingTheScreem.com is awesome and her 7 week old baby daughter was the best attendee EVAh and Stacey DeBroff is the nicest woman in the world and has inspired me to go for my dream job (stay tuned!)

8. The upside of a city-wide black-out  was that it forced everyone outside since it was still light which was really cool to see.

9. Meeting the brands were so super fun! Mickey did the Robot, Ebay went organic and TIDE has a new solution for getting your whites vividly white which is good considering I’m mom to Mr. Mess!

10. When JRB jumped off the jungle gym and “strained” his foot, the peeps at the Park City Clinic were amazing.  Even when JRB cried that he didn’t want the “boot” (which fortunately he didn’t need).  And although we missed the last day and the closing night party ~ we still had a world of fun!  Thank you EVO! We can’t wait til next year!


Beth and JRB



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