Get your kids cooking in a safe and child friendly space

Tips for Making Your Kitchen Child Friendly

Let your child loose in the kitchen~ After all it is the heart of the home and the place where kids can learn about healthy eating, getting creative, devising recipes, developing hand eye co-ordination (using utensils) and more!  But the kitchen can also be a place of potential hazards, so we look to our guest blogger Charlotte S to give us tips for making your kitchen child-safe and hazard free!

Tip 1: Get the layout right: Design the kitchen so that cross overs and overlaps are kept to a minimum. Doing this will reduce the risks of collisions between busy parents and interested children. Many moms favor a kitchen island incorporated into the design as it provides a buffer between children on one side, and mom on the other. This popular layout keeps kids away from danger zones, but still enables them to participate, see everything and feel involved.

Tip 2: Sit comfortably: Seated areas are great for engaging and chatting with children whilst you cook. Whether it is a separate traditional area for eating, furnished with an oak dining table and chairs, or a more modern breakfast bar arrangement, somewhere for kids to feel relaxed in the kitchen is key to a successful sharing of the space.

Tip 3: Recipes for safety: We are seeing more curved, organic shapes in kitchen design that not only look beautiful but also are great news for children’s safety. The fewer hard edges to collide with the better. Ovens should be built in and set at eye level, well away from little ones. Dishwashers should be kept closed as much as possible. Childproof locks on units and cupboard doors are a good idea and where possible design in plenty of high storage to keep potentially dangerous items out of reach.

Tip 4Kitchen play: To encourage small children to enjoy their time in the kitchen, why not reserve a cupboard at their height full of their kitchen equipment? Toy pots and pans, spatulas and spoons will keep the tiny tots happy and feeling involved whilst mom or dad cooks dinner.

 Tip 5: Décor tips: Beautiful shiny kitchens are hard to maintain with kids on the prowl, so make life easier by choosing units that are matt, wipe clean and not too pale in color. Glossy lacquered look units may look gorgeous, but they lose their appeal fast once covered with grubby children’s fingerprints. Decorating a cupboard or section of wall with blackboard paint is a good idea for keeping children’s graffiti to a designated place and also useful for planning grocery lists and writing recipes down. Cooking is one of life’s greatest pleasures and if we are able to teach our children from an early age to experiment with tastes and choose healthy options, then we are truly enriching their life journey.