At the Billboard Movie Awards

At the Billboard Movie Awards

3 Things I Learned before Turning 45 ~ Somewhere between May 1 and June 1, I went to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, flew to Vegas, attended the Billboard Music Awards as a social correspondent for “The Insider,” attended a bathing suit fitting for LandsEnd, appeared in a photo campaign for Ravinia, wrote 2 newspaper columns, appeared in  2 TV segments, turned 45 and came up with what I believe is the best teacher gift ever… Along the way I learned a few lessons I hope to carry with me throughout this year.

Life Lesson #1: Stay in your Lane

I first heard this quote from my friend Meredith and I have co-opted it as my own ever since. The so much of  Blogging and Social Media is writing about  the cool and amazing things we are doing (see above). And typically these things sound even better when they are stated in 140 characters or less. So there I was stranded at the Memphis Airport while hundreds of Bloggy friends attended one of the “top blogger conferences” of the season, Mom 2.0.  The conference was in Atlanta which is only a hop, skip and jump from Memphis but my 7 AM flight quickly changed to a 10 AM flight then a Noon flight then a 4 pm flight and soon my flight went from “very delayed” to cancelled. The Airline was willing to fly me to Atlanta but not until Saturday morning and given the conference would be 65-70% over, I decided to get re-routed and go home instead. Reading the Mom 2.0 Twitter and Facebook feeds, I was bummed to be “missing out,” but then I remembered to stay in my lane. My job is to be me, to keep my head down, do my best work and keep moving forward. If I look around at what everyone else is doing I’m bound to feel discouraged, less than, envious ~ the better idea? Stay in your lane, keep things in perspective (St Jude has an amazing way of reminding me of that every day!) and practice the art of gratitude, the grass may always be greener somewhere else, so learn to enjoy your own back yard!

Life Lesson #2: When in Vegas, don’t “cut costs” by staying in Downtown Vegas.
If you receive complimentary ear plugs when you check in...consider checking out

If you receive complimentary ear plugs when you check in…consider checking out!

Sure you might think you are saving money by staying off the strip. But no matter how how new the hotel might be, how cute the pool actually is and how good the reviews are on Telp, unless you want to listen to a cacophony of live bands, live drunks, and pay an extra $30 dollars each way when you take a cab to the airport. Skip it. Oh and if you are fortunate enough to be a social correspondent for the “Insider” at the BBMA’s don’t decide to go to the bathroom right before the Michael Jackson Hologram begins because you won’t be allowed back in until the next commercial break.

 Life Lesson #3 There’s Power in Numbers

My sister and I have long let go of our interest in people talking about their weight. My mother was 75 pounds on a good day and although technically she wasn’t anorexic, I have no doubt everyone who met her diagnosed her as such. Over the past 8 years I have gained, lost, gained and gained weight. It happens. It’s truly harder to lost weight after your 40’s and having a kid means enjoying a lifestyle that centers much more around the kitchen then it did when I was in my 20’s and used my oven to store shoes. But after becoming friends with someone who transformed her life Via AA, I decided I could commit to beating my own “demons”  (hello sugar) by joining  weight watchers (note: I am not a sponsored spokesperson). The weight loss has been gradual and I constantly need to remind myself of my goal. But the meetings are great and the folks who attend  are so inspiring and 10 pounds later I’m starting to wear my pre-Jackson clothes and I feel really good. I’ve tried shakes, fasts, green coffee tablets and attended countless spin, bikram and boot camp classes,but the thing that has helped me the most is Weight Watchers. The plan, the guidance, the meetings. There’s power in numbers.