The Famous Jumpsuit

The Famous Jumpsuit

2015 started off with a bang and a whimper and a pop. Well actually the whimper & pop occurred on NYE when I popped my calf muscle playing pickleball. That’s right, I got injured playing pickleball. The good news is, I will recover. The bad news is ~ it’s annoying not to have full mobility and hard not to try to “push it” even though I know that will only create more damage.

I think that’s going to be my metaphor for 2015, progress is often best made one step at a time.

2014 was good to me. I started a relationship, ended a relationship (before it got bad), started up with an old one only to end that too. Went to Arizona, went to Disneyworld,  wore a jumpsuit to the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas, spoke my truth, joined weight watchers, lost 10 plus pounds, visited St Jude’s, won a trip to Florida, got Tucker, went camping, saw a crush, fell in deep, got in a car accident, experienced an earthquake, danced to SuperDiamond, flew VA2SFO (a lot), saw a rugby game, went to a 49er game saw the Giants win the World Series. I lost a bet on the Bears (a few times) and watched the cubs lose a bunch.

I learned my child wants to be a motivational speaker named Sherman and somewhere between learning multiplication and cursive he’s learned what the “F bomb” is ~ which is a fact that appalls me / delights him to no end. I learned a little goes a long way and there is nothing wrong with keeping events, plans, activities short and sweet rather than waiting for something to get thrown in the fire. I learned how to block callers which is different than just not answering because blocked calls don’t invade your head space. I was once again reminded that we can’t always control our situation, but we can control how we react to it and that true happiness comes from being able to deal and adapt when things don’t go our way. And they won’t. A lot. I learned that goal setting and visualization boards are great, but realistic expectations will help set you up for success rather than disappointment.

I learned that with every goodbye there is a hello, and that the more we love ourselves the more others will love us too. So here’s to more in 2015. More joy, happiness, forward motion & mobility. And If my hair looks good in the meantime, even better! Happy New Year Everyone! XXOO