Hi everyone! I know ~ I have been out of touch lately ~ things have been hectic and busy and I am dealing with stuff that often comes along when you are divorced. That’s right, divorce is the gift that keeps on giving…which brings me to this post.

One of the bright lights in my life these days is that I have rededicated myself to The Dailey Method.  TDM is partially based on Lotte Burke and includes elements of ballet, yoga, & pilates. I first started it in 2003, while living in SF.  In fact, the founder, Jill Dailey, was my instructor and at the time, I had no idea what an impact it would have later on in my life.  Over the past few years TDM has “hit the road” as it were with franchises popping up across the country.  In fact, there are several in the studios the Chicago area which is good because besides my friends Cindy, Liz, Stacey, etc… it is the only think I miss about living in San Francisco.

I was invited to be part of a blogger outreach program where I was able to do TDM in Chicago for one month for FREE, which gave me the perfect excuse for rededicating myself to the practice.  While doing it I was reminded of all the benefits I love about TDM which begins with…Stress as in, it helps fight it!  For one hour everyday ~ my mind is clear of all the hub bub and garbage that has been invading my life and is able to focus on stretching, bending and flexing and you know what ~ I always feel better AFTER I leave. And let’s face it fighting stress with exercise is waaaay better than my usual standby ~  fighting stress with food!!!!

How do you fight stress? Let me know below and if you are interested in TDM check out their website to find a studio near you ~ the first class is free!