The Dailey Method Part 2: Getting my Sexy Back

Somewhere between heartbreak and mommyhood I lost a small piece of myself. At first, I didn’t notice. Getting through the end of my marriage and the absolute joy of being a mom I forgot what it was like to be “a woman,” and by that I mean the flirty, sexy side of us that often gets overshadowed by field trips and carpools and homework and dinner and I could go on. Added to that was the fact that I was pretty disenchanted by marriage and men and dating and don’t even get me started on all those germs. In fact here’s a brief look at how I felt about dating:

But lately, I have been thinking about all this and what it means to be a woman at 43, and although I am not yet ready to “get out there” entirely I am getting my sexy back thanks to The Dailey Method.  The exercises are designed for women by a women and help you feel stronger, leaner, more powerful and did I mention they help you learn how to walk better in high heels.

How do you get your sexy back?