THIS JUST IN…Today we have 2 exceptional guest bloggers who also happen to be my niece and nephew Eil and Hilary Engelman! Check out their experience at the “Bakin with the Boss” show featuring THE CAKE BOSS…Buddy Valastro.

Hi everyone! Hillary and Eli here–our Aunt Beth Engelman’s niece and nephew. Last Friday night, November 12th , our Aunt Beth was awesome enough to get us tickets to go see Buddy Valastro on his Cake Boss tour! As HUGE fans of the show, we were psyched! The show was so much fun! First Buddy picked three women sitting in the audience to come up and participate in a contest. He decorated a cupcake and then had all the contestants try to replicate his design on their own cupcake. The contestants did awesome, and Buddy let everyone in the audience decide who won. The winner got a special prize, yet all three women got to keep their cupcakes. Then Buddy did the same contest with three men. After those two contests, Buddy talked a little bit about himself, his family, and his show. It was so cool to hear all about how he first got started working in Carlo’s Bakery—when he was only 11 years old! Buddy then proceeded to tell us about his father, and how fantastic he was as a man. Buddy’s father was the type of person that was nice to EVERYONE, no matter who they were. Buddy said that he tries to instill his father’s way of life in his everyday doings, which is why he has such a big involvement in the Make-A-Wish foundation. It was really impressive how Buddy managed to stay so humble despite the success of his show. After that, Buddy answered a few questions from the audience, while decorating a huge wedding cake! He had some really thoughtful and funny answers, and the cake looked fantastic when it was done! After the Q & A session, Buddy had a few more contests with more winners–the last of which was a chance for three men from the audience to compete for a gift certificate to Carlo’s Bakery! That one was really entertaining to watch. After the show was over, we were still so excited because our night wasn’t over yet–we had VIP passes to meet Buddy himself! We walked around the venue for a while with our dad because we couldn’t figure out where we were supposed to go. Once we found the correct place however, we were ushered right to the front of the line because of our VIP passes (lucky us!)  Meeting Buddy was a dream come true for both of us. We love his show so much, so to meet Buddy in person and see how truly sweet he is in real life, was awesome!  Buddy signed our ticket, VIP pass, a book and Eli’s casted broken arm, PLUS he took a few pictures with us as well.  November 12th will definitely go down in the record book as one of our greatest nights ever…thanks to Aunt Beth!  Be sure to find all her penned articles to read, and tune into all her television and radio shows…she’s the BEST!