Secret Code place card

Photo by Beth Engelman for Pioneer Press /Chicago Tribune

Thanksgiving Crafts: Easy Crafts for the Table

Hi Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving. In this week’s “Mommy on a Shoestring” column for the Pioneer Press column I offered some family fun tips and ideas.

Secret Code

One of my favorite is to turn place cards into secret codes. To help you create these place cards in a snap, I dreaded a codebreaker key which you can download for free by clicking the link below codebreaker key MOAS.


Photo by Dan Leudart for the Sun-Times

Photo by Dan Leudart for the Sun-Times

I love the idea of making interactive place cards. Another idea I love is from a column I wrote a few years ago where we turned names into anagrams and stuck the anagrams into apples and pears. Here is a link to that article


A Turkey Leg?

And finally here is a super cute idea

From Fiskars! Be sure to check out their entire post for more super creative and fun ideas.


Super cute place cards by the creative minds at Fiskars

Happy Thanksgiving!!!