welovenature3dwspineTeaching kids about nature: how to get your kids to enjoy the great outdoors! 

The new book We Love Nature (by Stacy Torino and Ken Keffer) is a busy parent’s best friend. The interactive nature journal brings parents and kids together  as they explore and discover the world around them! It’s a charming idea, going on family adventures and the interactive journal offers a slew of ideas from  collecting treasures and making a collage or gazing at the night sky. The book is comprise of 52 outdoor activities (so if you want you and your kiddos could ideally do 1 a week!) followed by questions that encourage thoughtful reflection and analysis. The book also has a fabulous resource guide that includes family fun activities and events such as “Project Feederwatch ~ which is a website which let’s families become their own scientists as they track and document the birds that visit their backyard as well as  Let’s G.O which is a monthlong celebration that encourages families to play, serve and celebrate. As we head into April and what I hope will be “The Great American Thaw” I’m happy that I have We Love Nature, to guide us back to the great outdoors!

Want to get started right away? Try making a WORM HOTEL

You will need: A Large Plastic Bottle (washed and dried), Construction Paper, Glue, Plastic Wrap, Scissors


Dried leaves, Hay or Sawdust




  • Use sharp scissors to cut off the top third of a plastic bottle.  If the edges are sharp, cover edges with masking tape.
  • Fill bottle with layers of soil, sand, dried leaves, hay and or sawdust.
  • Start digging for worms and carefully place 3-6 worms in the bottle.
  • Add a touch of water to moisten the soil, but not too much as you don’t want to drown the poor worms.
  • Cover the top with plastic wrap and cut air holes for the worms to breathe.
  • Cut construction paper to the appropriate height and tape to the exterior of the bottle. Use double stick tape on one side, so you can open and close the paper whenever you want to check on the worms.
  • Place wormery in a cool location and check daily to see if the soil needs water.  Within a few days you will notice worms making trails and nests inside the bottle. Soon there will be many more worms!
  • In a few weeks, bid the worms adieu and carefully return them to your garden!