Screen_Shot_2013-11-19_at_1.04.25_PM_mediumWhen it comes to the holidays, kids of divorce have it rough, which is why I am so grateful for The Mother Company.

I’ve been separated / divorced from JRB’s dad since before he was born, but that doesn’t make the holidays any easier. In fact the older JRB gets, the harder it becomes as he’s now much more aware of what his peers are doing. So last week, right before Thanksgiving, JRB was beside himself. He was scheduled to go to California with his dad to see his paternal grandparents and cousins and although I know JRB was excited to see his Grandparents (and enjoy some warm weather) he was very upset because he didn’t want to leave me. “Why can’t I be with both parents during the holiday?” He cried, as my heart broke into a million tiny pieces. So we talked and I remained upbeat as I told him about the bright side of divorce (ie: 2 parents, 2 houses, 2 sets of toys, etc) and how my parents were divorced and I turned out all right… But it didn’t help. My child was distraught. It was time for   The Mother Company.

The’s Mother Company’s main goal is to “help parents raise good people” and they do that by focusing on social/ emotional development and learning. Their books and videos are outstanding as they delve into issues that affect kids in a sweet, nurturing and meaningful way. For JRB, “A Little Book about Feelings,” was very helpful and proved to be the perfect starting point for a meaningful discussions about feelings, how they work and  how they’re also  helpful clues to let our bodies know what we need (how beautiful is that?). We also talked about how JRB could have multiple feelings at the same time as he could be excited to fly, sad about leaving Chicago and jealous that his parents weren’t together like “other families.” Screen_Shot_2013-11-19_at_11.48.11_AM_mediumAfter we read the book and talked, I popped in the “Feelings Show” DVD, starring my favorite Mary Poppins meets Mr Rogers…Ruby. The “Feelings Show” explores feelings with cute animation, live action segments with Ruby and kids, a super cute art project and great music by Elizabeth Mitchell!  Just like the book, the DVD illuminated feelings in a sweet and gentle way that normalized the idea that we can feel different emotions at different times and that’s OK. The gentle and nurturing DVD along with the idea that JRB is not alone really helped soothe him.

Calmer and soothed, I reminded JRB that he would be just fine and to prove it, I handed him the My Feelings Activity Book, which is a diary of sorts for kids to connect feelings with real life experiences (there are also some cool stickers which JRB loved). We agreed, Jackson would pack the activity book in his carry-on bag and write in it throughout the trip. He returned to me this past Sunday, tanner, happier and a bit more tired. He showed me all the “work” he had done in his activity book which involved a lot of sticker action and some drawings / writing about Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, being in California and how he loves to eat mud pie. He also recorded instances when he felt happy, sad, mad and frustrated. All in all it was an awesome start.

Screen_Shot_2013-11-19_at_1.17.23_PM_medium I don’t think there is a simple fix for helping kids of divorce learn to cope during the holidays. I also know that as my child get older the issues will become more complex, but for now I am so grateful to have The Mother Company and Ruby Studio’s DVD’s and books to help guide me through some of life’s rougher patches. If you’re looking for fun, sweet and meaningful gifts for your little ones this Holiday season ~ I encourage you to check out all the great stuff at Ruby’s Studio. And be sure to check out the  Feelings Holiday Gift Set that includes all the items I mentioned along with 2 more fantastic books. So have a wonderful, happy and carefree holiday season. And finally, here’s a little gift for you ~ The Happy Song by Elizabeth Mitchell via The Mother Company.

Note: I am working with The Mother Company as a Brand Ambassador to help spread Awareness about it’s mission and products. Although I am compensated for my time, all opinions are my own!