2014-06-05 08.13.14Surviving Heartache with Jet Set and Go #sochictravel

Jet Set and Go with #sochictravel ~ or how I went from heartache to happy in in less than 6 hours…

The day started off bittersweet, as I tucked a note into JRB’s lunch. It was his last day of school and although I am looking forward to having more time with him this summer, it was one more reminder that time is fleeting. In JRB’s school district, the schools are divided into lower elementary (K-2) and Upper Elementary (3-5) which means JRB will go to a new school in the fall. So as we were saying goodbye to 2nd grade and JRB’s awesome teacher, Mrs Smith, we were also saying goodbye to JRB’s sweet, nurturing  school and it was hitting me hard.  After Jackson’s graduation (and yes he did the “running man” on stage because his friend Jack dared him to) we went for celebratory Fro Yo and then he went back to his dad’s house while  I went home to make a call. The call was to someone I had previously dated  and recently we were on the verge of seeing  each other again but our old issues seemed to be bubbling up which only illuminated why we broke up in the first place. I’ll spare you the details only to say that navigating dating after divorce is tricky especially when kids, dogs, ex-spouses, travel, work and Phil Donahue are involved, so we decided, after a lot of back and forth,  that sometimes love just isn’t enough. Sobering, I know, but it’s my reality and my conviction, which is fine but it did leave me feeling pretty glum as  I drove downtown in traffic to attend the “Travel in Style” Media event. But here’s where things get pretty cool. As soon as I walked into The Kevin Hammet Photography Studio my spirits instantly lifted. There, I saw friendly faces and old friends and  I was given a little scavenger hunt that involved taking silly photos, writing fun tweets and learning about  chic new travel products and destinations. My first stop was was Coolibar which makes super cute, casual clothes that are UV protected. Check out this Coolibar original that doubles as a dress or bathing suit cover-up.

Cute Coolibar cover-up /dress. Photo Courtesy of Kevin Hammet Photography

Cute Coolibar cover-up /dress. Photo Courtesy of Kevin Hammet Photography

Then I went to the Spin Spun Cotton Candy guy only because flavors such as Watermelon Tobasco and Lemongrass should not be ignore. Then it was off Sunology which creates chemical-free, all-natural sun protection which is key especially in light of what happened next. One of the brands at the event was the Sandestin Beach Hilton. It is a stunning resort in the Florida Panhandle, with turquoise water and a luxurious spa. Anyway, they were giving away a FREE Vacation (4 days, 3 nights) to one lucky blogger AND they were offering a SECOND award to one of the lucky blogger’s readers! So guess who wins the raffle? I’ll give you a hint it’s not the frog (nor is it Megan, the lovely lady in coral who is the marketing manager of the hotel). Amazing right?

Courtesy of Kevin Hammet Photography


Courtesy of Kevin Hammet Photography


Kevin Hammert Photography

Kevin Hammet Photography

There were a bunch of other fun happenings at the party including the chance to catch up with old friends, take some silly pictures and get a LOVELY bag of SWAG featuring products from some really beautiful sponsors such as Yur Buds, Go Picnic and LA Fresh. And it was also a great reminder that  life is full of ups and downs,  disappointments, failures and fleeting moments you wish would last longer than a blink ~  but it’s also filled with happy opportunities, lucky wins, and plenty of chances to take yourself less seriously. And if that includes wearing crazy Flamingo glasses in the process even better.xo

Thank you to Alison Ray of SoChic Media and all the companies that sponsored this lovely event. See you in Florida! xo