SuperheroDetective-Party_20A fun theme for preschoolers who love adventures, mysteries and more!


Decorate a card with the birthday child’s fingerprints, add a small magnifying glass and mail in an envelope made from a comic book page. Be sure to ask your guests to wear on old t-shirt or sweatshirt for a surprise birthday activity.


Cape Decorating: As the guests arrive, have them design their own superhero disguises including attachable capes, headbands and masks. Put out a variety of materials and textures such as assorted fabric remnants, ribbons, sequins, letters, markers, and tacky glue. Attach each cape to the back of the child’s shirt with Velcro-tape.

Mystery Hunt: Before the party begins hide 5-6 clues around your house, backyard, local library or nature trail. Set up a mystery scenario such as a missing stuffed animal. Ask the detectives to help find it by following the clues. The clues will lead the guests to a decorated party space where the “missing” animal is sitting in the birthday child’s chair. Use magnifying glasses, old comic book pages, paper dotted with fingerprints and extra capes and colorful masks to decorate the space.

Menu (food in disguise)

Fruity Nachos, Strawberry Mice and Cheese, hamburgers designed to look like hotdogs, Mommy’s Mini Mummies (pizza) and Baked Potato Boats
Dessert: Brownie cake topped with cheesecake frosting and fruit
Beverages: Superhero Water (sparkling water with peach, grape or cherry syrup)


The guests will take home the disguises they made at the party.