sullivansphotoSullivan’s Steakhouse: Fine Dining for Families

“Restaurant quality,” that’s what JRB said as he dived in to his 6 oz steak at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Lincolnshire. “Restaurant quality” is the high praise for Jackson who is an avid fan of Masterchef Junior and knows that when Gordon Ramsay says a dish is “restaurant quality” he means it is very very very good!

Sullivan’s is an old school steakhouse with locations throughout the country. I had passed it a million times but never went in until this past weekend when JRB and I went there for dinner. Let me start off by saying that I’m a huge sucker for round tables and  leather club chairs which is what you see when you walk in the door. The restaurant is spacious with a warm charm and understated elegance. We arrived around  6:30 on a Saturday evening and was happy to see the restaurant was full but not crowded. But most interesting of all was the fact that  there were a ton of families eating there. This surprised me because Sullivan’s is not an inexpensive restaurant, but what I came to realize is that the food and dining experience is well worth the price.  Sullivan’s menu is diverse without being overwhelming and the quality of food is exceptional. The portions are generous making it possible for large groups to  share entrees, side dishes and desserts and I imagine many people leave the restaurant with a doggie bag, with dreams of leftover steak sandwiches  and decadent midnight snacks.

You have never tried Calimari like this before!

You have never tried Calimari like this before!

We started with Calimari at the waitresses’ suggestion and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it is one of the best appetizers I ever had. Unlike other restaurants that serve fried Calimari (which is never a bad thing) this dish was pan fried and seasoned with asian seasonings which gave the dish a bit of a “kick.” My only complaint is that it’s so delicious it was hard to stop eating so I had to ask the waitress to take it away for fear I’d have no room for dinner.  JRB also wants me to mention the homemade bread which was warm and soft with a “light crispy outer shell” (JRB’s words) and that is “pairs nicely with the butter.” Thank’s JRB!


Apple crumble, served in a warm cast iron dish

We also loved out main entrees. Jackson my steak-loving boy, had a 6 oz steak and I had Salmon that was cooked perfectly. The sides dishes were warm and comforting and really made the meal complete. I’ve become a huge fan of Brussel sprouts which my friend told me recently is the new “it” vegetable  and Jackson loves big baked potatoes. We were full after our entree so we skipped dessert but if we had room, I think the warm apple crumble would have been the perfect choice.

Bacon and Brussel sprouts the perfect combination

Bacon and Brussel sprouts, the perfect combination


Sullivan’s Steakhouse is located around the country but if your local to Chicago,be sure to visit the one in Lincolnshire . The people who work there are so nice and lovely and helpful. Be sure to try their new lunch menu which includes a Mediterranean Farmers Salad, Asian Crunch Salad, New England Lobster Roll and a delcious Shaved Steak Sandwich with Horseradish Sauce and Au Jus. All of the sandwiches can be customized as Lettuce Wraps. They also offer great deal on gift certificates (the more you buy the more you save) so if you are looking for a gift for your favorite steak lover ~ look no further than Sullivan’s Steak House.

AND if you are local to Chicago and looking for something special to during the holidays, consider seeing “The Nutcracker” at Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre and then having lunch at Sullivan’s!

Disclosure: Sullivan’s Steakhouse invited us to enjoy a meal on them. However, all opinions are my own!



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