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Every once in a while you find something you that makes your life better, saves you time, money and energy while giving you peace of mind. And in the case of EatPakd it was something I never thought I needed, until it was delivered right to my front door.

Introducing EatPakd…

EatPakd delivers healthy, fresh and custom made “meals” that are delivered right to your door. You can  send them to school with your kids for lunch, serve them as a hearty and healthy  after school snack or simply break them out whenever you need an on-the-go meal.

Stared by mom Kara O’Dempsey, EatPakd was created as a way for busy parents to feed their families  fresh, homemade food with ease. It’s a great way to swap out “snack packs” and “lunchables” with whole foods and homemade goodness with less mess and hassle (and in my case, kitchen catastrophes). In many ways ordering EatPakd Paks is like having your own chef, only the cost is way cheaper and you don’t have to pay health insurance!

Get a Week of Free Paks!

EatPakd are currently offering an amazing deal… You can get a FREE week of Paks, simply by visiting their site! No obligation required. To get your FREE week of food visit EATPAKD  plug in your zip code (to make sure they deliver to your area) and then sign up for your free trial. Then follow these easy steps…

  • Choose from one of their delicious pre-made paks, or customize your own!
  • The folks at EatPakd then prepare your paks with care, and the freshest ingredients.
  • Your Pak’s are delivered to you the same day they’re prepared and if your not home no worries, they are delivered in a refrigerated box which ensures they will stay fresh for a few hours until you get home.

What did I think?

I have to say I was a little skeptical at first. I’m planning on doing a kitchen remodel this year and am trying to limit unnecessary costs. The idea seemed great, but it also seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford, plus like so many times I order “meal kits” “protein shakes” or “juice cleanses” I always end up with a lot of unnecessary product because I get bored, disillusioned or just busy. But EatPakd was different so much so that I am actually going to become a regular customer. Here’s why

  • The Paks are filled with ready to eat protein (turkey sandwich, veggie nuggets, etc and ready to eat fruit (berries, mango, etc) and veggies (red pepper slices, tomato and cucumbers) and often include a small but satisfying sweet (cookies, muffin, chocolate covered strawberries). Each portion comes in its on detachable container ~ meaning I can send the fruit and dessert to school with JRB but save the protein and veggies for later (or for me).
  • The Paks make GREAT after school snacks. JRB has either baseball, soccer or tennis everyday (usually around 4 or 5) which means come 2:30, when school is out, JRB wants to go home, refuel with a big snack and do a little homework. Having the Paks right there in the fridge  ensures he is getting a balanced and hearty snack which will keep him going throughout the long afternoon.
  • There’s enough variety to keep things interesting, but the foods are (for the most part) straight forward, not too fancy, exotic, fatty or filled with preservatives and hidden sugar.
  • Although they are not a “bargain,” the paks are not crazy expensive and beats having to get all the items at the grocery store.

Even if you have NO plans to make this an ongoing endeavor, I HIGHLY recommend you check out EatPakd and order a week’s worth of Paks (4) that are delivered right to your door for free.

If nothing else, it will save you time and let’s face it, it’s always fun to get things delivered. especially if they don’t include a bill! Take it from me (and JRB) you won’t be disappointed!

JRB “approves” this message (and the chocolate covered strawberries)


Disclosure: I was asked to try and review Eat Pakd by the company and I have been compensated for my time. However as always all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the company. In fact, if I don’t like the concept or the food after trying it, I will not write about it.