Getting into our “role” at the Mastercard Fuel Rewards Shoot

Save Money at the Pump with @FuelRewards @Mastercard and Me

Easy Ways To Save Money. Looking for a FUN and easy way to save money? Look no further than your Mastercard, especially if you’ve joined the  Fuel Rewards Network program. I first found out about the program this summer when I filmed a commercial for them. Did I just bury the lead? That’s right I FILMED A COMMERCIAL!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH is was so much fun. Okay so here’s the scoop. I was invited to do the video commercial by my friends at iVillage. They thought it would be a good fit since my goal in life is save money on the “little”things so I have more money for the “big” things (ie: going on adventures with JRB and spending time with family and  friends). I was lucky because I had met the folks at Mastercard in 2012 when JRB and I were invited to go to Batting practice with the Cubs, so I knew they were great people. The production company was
Lucky Tiger Productions who worked with us on “The Conversation Thread” at iVillage and I was so lucky to have the most amazing executive producer in the form of Jane Applegate  Anyway the shoot was in Septemeber and it was a blast. We started out at my house (in my kitchen) which was miraculously clean as long as no one opened a closet door! Then we headed out to Standard Market which really should be called nirvana because it is the MOST beautiful market with an amazing deli and produce department and an expansive and affordable take home meal dept. At Standrad Market, I shot  authentic grocery shopping scenes that were so authentic I actually went home with the groceries (bought with my Mastercard!). Then it was off to Flight where my girlfriend Laurie met us for some “Live Action Bill Paying” scenes which made me long for a “girls night out” with my dear friend. After the shoot Laurie, Jane and the crew stayed but I went home so I could see JRB before he went to bed. The next day, we were up and at it again filming the pumping gas scenes at Shell. All in All in was a wonderful experience and I am so proud to be part of such a great project ~ I mean how could I not be behind a concept that helps you save money while buying things for yourself and your family. Remember more savings on fuel means more family fun!