My name is Beth and I am a recovering dumb blond. It started innocently enough when I was a child ~ as the 3rd of 4 children who were close in age, I learned quickly that I cold get attention and laughs by acting like a ditz. Having someone blow in my ear and say “refill” became the family joke! The problem grew to be much worse as my affect as a “ditz” became a self fulfilling prophecy which at times limited my career and personal relationships. For example, I married a man who might say “women are his equal,” but his actions revealed his prejudices. After all it isn’t a coincidence that he chose to cheat on me when I was 9 months pregnant…or as he called it “fat!”

That’s why when I heard “Miss Representation” was going to be screened at Harpo, followed by a discussion with Rosie O’Donnell, I jumped at the chance to participate! “Miss Representation” is a movie that explores the way women are represented and even marginalized in the media. As a mom to a young son, I feel the message of this movie is just as important to teach him as it is to teach to our girls. I have wasted too much time ignoring red flags and  “playing the role of the clueless, dumb blond.” My hope? When my son is my age, the thought of objectifying women and seeing them as less than competent is as foreign to him as a TV without cable!

Check out the trailer for the movie and be sure to tune in on Thursday to watch the movie and discussion on OWN. In the meantime, feel free to send me questions or thoughts you might have regarding the movie and topic. Shoestrings, Beth