All-Natural Room Refreshener w/ @NielsenMassey and @Chicagonista #FlavorBits

Sure he's cute, but he smells!

Sure he’s cute, but he smells!

I love Tucker but not his smells – this is an issue for me. I have tried every room freshener available but I truly now know what it means to just “mask the smell” because frankly “fresh breeze scent” cent combined with dog smells is not a good combo. I have a good solution in the form of a natural odorizer courtesy of Nielsen Massey. In the video above Jackson and I show you how to make an all-natural room freshener with Nielsen Massey’s Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water, I love the subtle scent and the freshener really helps get the Tucker smell out.  (You can also combine a tablespoon of vanilla and with 2 cups of water for a deliciously sweet effect).

I want to thank the gals at Chicagonista for inviting me to be part of this campaign and be sure to check out all the other fun #flavorbits recipes including homemade whipped cream and a tequila vanilla  cocktail.



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