I’m usually not a fan of sequels (with the exception of Grease 2!) but Thursday’s Radio show which will air live on www.Toginet.com at 2:00 EST and also can be downloaded via iTunes (click here)  is appointment radio.  It’s the second part of my interview with Ralph Covert of Ralph’s World and it is basically a private concert from him to you!  Sure, I ask some hardball questions such as “did you know parents would love MOMMY needs COFFEE ? And I get to the bottom of what inspired him to write “Pickle Me Juice” …but the truth of the matter is ~ it’s a really great interview because it’s Ralph singing a bunch of his songs live, while he plays the guitar / piano!  The songs are from his latest album “All Around Ralph’s World” and if you don’t have it, you will want to run out and get it! The songs are great  ~ fun lyrics, catchy tunes and best of all, many of the lyrics are based on English Language Learning patterns so by listening to the music and singing along, you are helping your kids enrich their vocabulary and strengthen their language acquisition skills.  You can find out more about Ralph’s World by visiting his website www.ralphsworld.com or you can listen in to the Show live on Thursday at 2:00 EST at  www.toginet.com!  And don’t forget the show is also available as a podcast via iTunes if you…click on this link!

In the meantime, enjoy this RW video starring my buddies Toot & Puddle!