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Radio Disney, Tips for Summer Fun and #Blogher2013

Well it’s Friday afternoon, July 26th which is just about “midsummer’s eve” and like the Puck, Bottom, and the rest of Shakespeare’s crew things are getting nutty (in a fun way). This week I taped 2 shows for Radio Disney, one show for the SF / Bay Area Mkt and the other for NYC. The topics were similar; fun ways to cool down with the kids and I wanted to share these ideas with you! For super hot days, relax outside with water themed crafts. Here’s a few of my favorites that are quick, easy and fun!



TWIG RAFTS: Gather and assemble twigs, tie with twine, and place your favorite action figures on top. See how many figures can fit on one boat.

Fish Aquarium

Fishy Aquarium

FISHY AQUARIUM: A great activity from Zoe at Playing by the Book. Follow these directions to make your own backyard water wonderland.

Sponge-Blaster-for waterfun

Dunk and Toss Comets

Sponge Comets: Love this craft from Valerie at Inner Child Fun. These comets are easy to make and Super Fun!

Balloon YoYo

Water Baloon Yo-Yo

Water Balloon Yo-Yo: Fill a ballon 1/4 full with water and the rest of the way with air. Attach an elastic or runner band to the baloon and go-go, yo-yo.

And if you want to get in the boating spirit without a boat, check out my article that keep your “sails full and fancyfree.” Meanwhile I am at Blogher 2013 this week which means I am meeting all sorts of people by the name of “Mommypacksplentry” and “whenishappyhour.” Its always a pleasure to meet so many people dedicated to giving a voice to the mom experience and sharing their tips, wisdom and humor. For more on Blogher check out this article from my favorite reporter from CNN (sorry Anderson) Kelly Wallace. And Finally don’t forget National Farmer’s Market Week is coming up so stay tuned for scavenger hunt ideas, farmers market math games and so much more!

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