Quick tips for better sports photos from a pro!

Fall is in the air, and for many families that means fall sports. How many times have you tried to capture those great team moments with your phone or camera only to have blurred shots and tiny unidentifiable specks for players? Our very talented friend and professional family photographer Michelle Enebo comes to the rescue! She has some great tips in her fall newsletter, such as:

MichelleEnebo11. Anticipate: In order to get the action shot I had to anticipate my daughter taking HER shot. I took many pictures before and after just to make sure I got it. (Remember, digital memory is free!)

MichelleEnebo22. Tell the Whole Story: Yes, it is important to get images of our kids playing the game, but there is so much more to the whole experience. Don’t forget the friendships, the sidelines and the tunnel!

To read more of Michelle’s great tips and make the most out of your frequent sideline sits  visit her newsletter and blog here.