Australian_Playground_Cover_WEBTake a trip with new Putumayo Kids “Australian Playground”

Dreaming of a big family adventure this summer? If your summer lineup is more backyard kiddie pool and popsicles, than airplanes and passports, Putumayo Kids will bring travel to you! “Australian Playground” has just been released, and its collection of songs from Australia’s best family musicians, including Aboriginal groups, will give any home or backyard down-under flair and fun.

The opening track by The NEO and Garrangali, “Marrtjina” (which means “Let’s Go” in the Aboriginal Yonlgu language) invites you away with its island vibe. The second offering “Mango Rain” by Seaman Dan continues that vibe with terrific ukulele and playful bass that is all beaches and sun—pass the fruit smoothies in a glass with hips and an umbrella! The rest of the album includes a wide variety of musical genres including pop, reggae, outback country, waltzy folk and blues.

Highlights include  “Kamerunga” by Seisia—a soothing fresh breeze of a song, for that second round of fruit smoothies in your glass with hips, and the sweet “Kangaroo (the Super Marsupial)” by Don Spencer, with a chorus that will be the place your kids turn to when trying to remember what category of mammal a kangaroo fall into.

To hear tracks off “Australian Playground” visit Putumayo Australian Playground

Enjoy and here’s to a great summer! Jenna

Our tiny disclaimer: Mommy on a Shoestring occasionally receives new family music to review – we are never paid for our time, and all opinions are ours alone. We just love great music and hope to pass along those artists that light up our lives!

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