Let’s start with the trailer…

Plants Vs Zombies and Holiday Stress

A few weeks ago I was asked to take a peek at a bunch of award winning games from PopCap Games. I’ve know about this company (and their games) for a while b/c at Leapfrog we did a Best Practices study of fun computer games (this pre-dates smart phones) and BookWorm and BeJeweled were two of my top faves. In fact, I became a little bit of a BookWorm junkie. It became my go-to when I needed a 5-10 minute mental break (sort of like a palate cleanser for the brain or a much needed stress release!)  I must tell you, Plants vs. Zombies take the cake! I’m not sure if its because you can build you own “Zombatar” or that you can shoot peas at Zombies or maybe it’s because a crazy neighbor pops up in the middle and invites you to bowl with walnuts ~ . All I know is I love it, I am getting the app for my iphone and highly recommend it on a larger platform such as iPad or laptop.

So enjoy the game, enjoy planting your flowers and killing those Zombies! Shoestrings, Beth


** Disclosure: I was offered a free download to review this game, but the coupon expired so I only tried the 60 minute trial instead ~ still loved it and this opinion is indeed my own!