• Printable pdf (download here)
  • Pencils
  • Straight pins and beads with small holes


  1. Print pinwheel art pdf and cut out the square pinwheel piece and circle center piece. On the square pinwheel piece, cut corners along the dotted lines, stopping about 3/4” from center. Punch holes where noted.
  2. Have your child address the “To” and “From.” (This is easier to do when the pinwheel is flat.)
  3. Insert pin through one bead, and then through the hole in circle cutout.
  4. With printed-side down, turn each pinwheel corner toward the center hole and one by one put pin through each of the four holes and then through the center hole.
  5. Finally, add one more bead to the pin and insert it into the eraser. There should be enough space between the beads for the pinwheel to spin.