PeteSPete Seeger – the pied piper of childhood imagination

Sadness greeted me this morning when I heard of the passing of Pete Seeger. Yes, he was a beloved activist for social change and a larger than life national treasure, but to me he will always be the unassuming guy that filled my house with with silly stories, comfort and hope. Some of my earliest memories are of me jumping off our low brick fireplace mantle, in time, to the voice and banjo of Pete Seeger on his album “Children’s Concert at Town Hall.”

The music is so ingrained in my brain, it’s a wonder I didn’t become a banjo player (insert banjo joke here). Jokes aside, “Children’s Concert at Town Hall” is a treasure trove of irreplaceable live songs—my favorites include “Little Birdie,” “Here’s to Cheshire, Here’s to Cheese,” “The Foolish Frog,” and the most wonderful song that still yearns to be true today “It Could be a Wonderful World.”

If you haven’t introduced your kids to Pete Seeger yet, there is no better time than today—let his legacy live on by immersing your family in his energy, humor, and belief that if we all gave a little, we’d gain a lot. It’s available on iTunes, or Amazon.

Best, Jenna

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