Pet Rocks: Spring Craft for Kids

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss of Mommy Perks

My children love making crafts, painting pictures, and creating art from things they find around the house. My daughter (age 7) recently came home with a note from school, asking that she design a Pet Rock to bring back to class. Her brother (age 5) said, “I can make Pet Rocks, too!” He quickly set out to prove himself worthy of such a statement (haha). Rock after rock was collected from our back yard, in various shapes and sizes. Before long, his sister (age 2) jumped in for some rock painting fun.

Here is what you will need:

1. Rocks of various shapes and sizes

2. Paint and bowls

3. Paint brushes

4. Paper and Glue (if wanted)

5. Glitter (if wanted)

Believe it or not, this project kept my son busy for two days. He was thrilled by the idea that he could run outside, look for rocks, bring them back inside, and decorate each one at-will. Oh, the power!

Siblings enjoying a day of crafting:


Here are my son’s two favorite rocks (the Dragon Rock and the Whale Rock):


An array of Pet Rocks were designed over a two-day period including a butterfly, a peace sign, a cross, a dragon, a whale, and more. The rocks now sit on my son’s bedroom dresser for all to see and marvel at…of course: