Nothing sweeter than Justin Roberts’ Lullaby

First things first, I am a fan of Justin Roberts and his fabulous band. Yes, they’ve won many awards (multiple Parent’s Choice awards, Grammy Nominated, and on and on) but more importantly, they were there for me when my kids were cranky, thrilled, hyper and hungry. They had a song to fit every mood, of every kid, in the under 10 set. And though he had at least one song on every album that was a parent’s heartstring puller (“Dad Caught Stars”, “From Scratch”) there weren’t any songs to fit the bedtime need. Thankfully, “Lullaby” has just been released. Significant sigh is heard across the nation.

Although Roberts’ voice is at home with an upbeat tempo, he is able to tone it down to almost melt into the songs on this release. The first track “Count Them as They Go” has the quirky lyrics you’d associate with Roberts’, but in a dreamy and imaginative way. The songs pick up a little in the middle, and then soothe their way back down, ending with the lovely title track “Lullaby”.

This compilation is definitely 100% Justin Roberts—a continuation of cohesive little insights to parenthood and childhood, just fuzzier. And perhaps my best recommendation comes from real life… when I was reviewing this album, my youngest tween was at the end of a no good, truly rotten, very bad day—I offered one of my headphones, luckily she agreed. As we sat there with our heads together listening to “Heart of Gold” I could feel her tension melt away, and what had looked like a long evening of outbursts suddenly turned into a quiet night of togetherness.

The much anticipated release of “Lullaby” is here. For ordering information, visit his website. And there’s a new video for “Count Them as They Go” .

Enjoy! Jenna

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