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A creative and useful housewarming gift using #Palmolive25ways

What household cleaning staple is tough on grease soft on hands, great when used to make ice packs, clean eye glasses, and get rid of ants and fleas (yes you can bathe your dog with it)? What is the one thing every kitchen needs? If you guessed Palmolive Dish Soap you are correct! I’ve been a fan of Palmolive Dish Soap ever since I was a little girl. Who could forget those ads with Madge the manicurist? When I  graduated from college and moved into my first apartment my mother gave me a tool box, a bouquet of sponges, and a bottle of Palmolive dish soap with a note that said, “Now you’re ready for anything.” PicMonkey Collage-newMom was right. Palmolive Dish Soap is one of the most versatile household products you can buy and one of my go-to’s when it comes to fighting grease, pre-treating greasy stains, killing weeds, washing veggies, getting rid of soap scum and making awesome, homemade bubbles.

Taking a page from my mom, I love getting creative and give it as a housewarming present or hostess gift. To add a touch of cuteness, pair Palmolive with a few inexpensive sponges and scrubbies that can easily be transformed into a sponge bouquet.

Walmart is Palmolive mecca, I love all the fragrances and colors

Walmart is Palmolive mecca, I love all the fragrances and colors

Recently I was invited to work with #CollectiveBias on a campaign for Palmolive. The task: To write about the different ways I use Palmolive. Since I love writing about family fun I started to research different art projects we could create with the world’s most versatile dish soap.

What transpired was an afternoon of awe-inspiring fun…A dish-soap-batik-styled print that mysteriously appears after a few easy steps.

Step 1: Gather your materials: acrylic paint, canvas, Palmolive Dish Soap and spray paint. Step 2: Paint canvas with acrylic paint. You can use any colors you want just be sure to cover the entire canvass with colors compliment the color of your spray paint. Set aside to dry. Step 3: Make a design with your Palmolive Soap (not pictured). Set aside to dry. Step 4: Cover your canvas with Spray paint (be sure to do it in a well ventilated area) Once again you want to set aside until dry. Step 5: Wash soap off canvas with warm water. Tip: Do this outside to avoid a mess and avoid clogging your kitchen sink with brown paint. As the paint washes away your Batik-inspired design will appear like magic!


palmolive-post-2 photo-Aug-2014 Cool right? It’s a great project to do with your kids who will love the mystery of how it all works. In addition, there is something really magical about seeing their eyes widen as they watch their designs appear.  This art project was inspired by Michelle East at Create Art with Me. She is a very creative art teacher and has lots of super cute and imaginative ideas on her blog. Also be sure to check out the #Palmolive25Ways Sweepstakes where you can enter weekly to win a $2000 Walmart gift card. And thank you to Collective Bias for inviting me to join this campaign. It brought back wonderful memories of the iconic green bottle!