LLALT_ALBUM_COVERLucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band delivers robust fun in new release

Ok, so we all know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but lets pretend we’re not adults for a second and take a glance at the “Lishy Lou and Lucky Too” by Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band cover —I’m sorry, but I want to live in that world and um, wear that dress! And, as luck would have it (forgive me, these folks love the pun), the world they have created is robust on the ears and the imagination and absolutely lives up to the cover.

This new album is filled with fresh, zany, danceable tunes with a fun twist—”Lishy Lou” is an homage to an old time radio show with silly characters, puns galore and a laugh track as intros to most of the songs. I have to admit that the laugh track started to wear on me, but the music more than makes up for it. One stand out is the kicky “Thingamajig”—Lucky Diaz’ voice is indie smooth, and even in a beat bouncing song like this, his voice makes it both peppy and easy on the ears. I also love “Duck Ellington” —an energetic blend of beach rock and crazy harmonicas with nursery rhyme lyrics. The album also has a softer side—including the duet of Lucky and his wife Alisha on “Till There Was You”—an endearing take on a classic, and one that might entice parents everywhere to change up their bedtime song. The end of the album is rounded out by “Goodnight My Love”—a gentle, sweet and slightly haunting end of the day song, that I’d put on my regular playlist alongside my “adult” indie favorites.

“Lishy Lou and Lucky Too” launches today. Visit luckydiazmusic.com for more information about Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band. And don’t miss the zany video for “Thingamajig”…

Enjoy! Jenna

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