ShyKidBlues_5x5_low-2New Hullabaloo “Shy Kid Blues” a fresh, funny musical story romp

It’s a unique day when a family album arrives that easily plays in the background as happy ambiance, and is also enjoyable as an entrancing, focused activity, like a long car ride. “Shy Kid Blues” by Hullabaloo (the duo of Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer) is just that sparkly find. The album is filled with stories between each song, about little Steve and Brendan growing up—with funny, clever word play and a great variety of very chewable musical genres including many nods to the great Johnny Cash.

Some favorites on the album include “That’s Just Us (Playing Rock-n-Roll)” about the boys trying to be rock stars, and the affect on the neighborhood with fun lyrics like…

I’m sorry Mr. Winterer, I’m sorry about your cat
I’m sorry that our rock-n-roll scared him off like that
We’ll help you find old Sparkles if it takes us all night long
We’ll help you find old Sparkles right after this next song

And “365 Days on Earth”—a revival, hand clapping song about a year in the life, again with unexpected, creative lyrics…

Let me now give compliment to the two that doth parent
With tenderness, merriment and mirth
Lift your juice box, lift your glass, raise a toast to the last
365 days on earth

“Shy Kid Blues” is a delight, and for those parents heading into summer and searching for how to fill those lazy days— this album is a great accompaniment to active or passive days.

You can hear more from “Shy Kid Blues” on Hullabaloo’s website: Hullabaloo Band

Enjoy! Jenna

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