Mystery Matching Game

You will need:

  • 2 identical illustrated children books (I suggest checking your library’s used books section!  Often you can buy 2 identical books for less than 50 cents!)
  • Foam Board or Chipboard
  • Circle Cutter or Circle Stencil and Scissors
  • White Glue and Brush
  • Colorful or Decorative Paper


  • Using a circle cutter or stencil and scissors, cut 32 circles out of chipboard or thin foam board.
  • Use the same circle cutter (or stencil and scissors) to cut 16 pairs of identical illustrations from the illustrated books.
  • Use glue and brush to affix the images to the circles.
  • Cut 32 decorative circles that you can glue to the back of the game piece.
  • Use game pieces to play a traditional game of “Memory” or play the more challenging “What’s Missing?” game.

To play What’s Missing?

  • Place 5 (or more) game pieces on a table. Have the kids study the images for a minute or two.
  • Take the pieces away for one minute before putting them back on the table…only this time, leave one image out.  The goal is to be the first one to discover…What’s missing!

This project was inspired by Jason Thompson’s creative book, aptly entitled, Playing with Books (Quarry Books, 2010).  For more information about this book or Mr. Thompson, visit: or .

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