Role playing and dress up fosters creativity and builds confidence

Role playing and dress up fosters creativity and builds confidence

The Mother Company: Raising Good Kids

Nurture Social Emotional Growth with The Mother Company.

Have you heard of The Mother Company? It’s a multi-media company dedicated to helping kids develop social and emotional skills. It’s a brilliant concept and is close to both Jenna and my hearts. You see in 2002, I went to work for Leapfrog Toys where I helped develop their books and games. It was a great experience as I learned a ton, worked with awesome people and at the end of the day I was part of a team that put out a bunch of really great products. (random sidebar: From time to time they would invite me into the studio to record my voice when the script called for an annoying nasally voice!) The company was great and their mission was clear; To give kids ample opportunity to develop & strengthen their academic skills. But something was missing. What about a child’s social and emotional skills? Fast forward a few years, when Jenna and I started writing children’s books. We started out in the realm of academic edutainment, it was a hot concept and having worked at Leapfrog and having been a Kindergarten teacher, I had a lot of knowledge and experience with the 3 R’s. After we had a few books published, we talked about what we wanted to address next:  Social / Emotional growth. As a kindergarten teacher I knew how VITAL it was to help kids build confidence, foster self esteem, get comfortable taking risks and use empathy to problem solve. Jenna and I put together a few book concepts that did just that ~ but at the time, in 2004ish, social emotional growth wasn’t flying off the shelves at Borders and Barnes and Nobel, so we really didn’t get very far with our ideas.

"The Friendship Show" DVD, "My Feelings Activity Book", and "When Miles Got Mad" are just three of the MANY terrific books and DVD's brought to you by The Mother Copany

“The Friendship Show” DVD, “My Feelings Activity Book”, and “When Miles Got Mad” are just three of the MANY terrific books and DVD’s brought to you by The Mother Company

That’s why I was so thrilled to be invited to be a brand ambassador of the Mother Company. Not only is it a fantastic company, but their products (books and DVD’s) produced via Ruby’s Studio address social / emotional skills that are best illustrated through stories and “role play” opportunities such as  using empathy to problem solve, dealing with frustration and anger, making friends, coping with difficult situations. Over the course of the next few months, I will be writing about the Mother Company more in depth including offering giveaways for some of their products. And be sure to mark your calendar for October 15 When their latest feature, “The Safety Show hits stores. I am really excited to help usher in this show that helps kids learn in a safe and gentle ways how to follow their inner voices when it comes to their bodies and safety issues. Interested in learning more? check out the trailer below: