#Mocochat Tuesday, Bullies, Math Tips for Early Learners and The Mother Company
Let’s Talk about Bullies with the Mother Company
It’s Twitter Tuesday and this week The Mother Company is hosting a round-table discussion about bullies. This subject is important to me for a number of reasons that start with heartbreaking stories of bullied kids who see no way out and end with  a report in “Psychology Today” that sees a correlation between kids were are victims of bullying and  troubled adults (ie: the former often grow up to be the latter). Over the past few years I’ve dealt with my share of adult bullies and I have no doubt these men / women would have benefitted from some bully intervention early on. Also since we are now doing travel soccer and have a coach that YELLS non-stop at the players, I am wondering if this will have a negative impact on my child and his teammates as in my opinion, yelling at players is a form of bullying (stay tuned for answers). So if you like me have questions, concerns or just want to be part of the convo  join the chat! It’s on Tuesday October 8 at 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST use #MOCOCHAT and follow @TheMotherCo.
The other exciting news? As a Brand Ambassador for the Mother Company, they invited me to write about something I am passionate about so here’s a link to my first article where I offer 5 ways to help your little ones build math skills while still having fun! So go out a bowl your heart our knowing you are helping your kids learn valuable math skills! And be sure to check out this clip from iVillage where I talk about Bully Prevention and the play The Hundred Dresses.
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