Hi Everyone! Just in time for Mother’s Day I have some fabulous gift ideas that are both creative and meaningful! To find out more check out my segment on First Business TV  with Angela Miles, but in the meantime, here’s the scoop on the products I showcased….


A Gift That Will Last Mom a Lifetime –……There is no one quite like mom. After all, she was the story-book-reader, the scraped-knee-healer and the cookie baking hero of our childhood. This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of history. Weathered photos and family stories give you a glimpse into your heritage, but DNA testing can give you a comprehensive look at your family tree. Family Tree DNA offers at-home family DNA testing so your mom can trace her roots back for five generations. The mtDNA: Mother’s Line test kit uncovers heritage on your mother’s side. Since you inherit half of your DNA from your mom, it covers her entire side of the family including (her mother’s mom, her mom, your great-great aunt and even your great-grandma’s sister.) You can also trace the migration routes of maternal ancestors. All it takes is a simple cheek swab done in less than two minutes in the comfort of your own home..  After all it’s not just a gift ……it is a legacy!!!


Price: Kits start at $99 and go up from there


The Gift That Keeps On Giving – Who doesn’t want to see their name up in lights, right?  Moms with younger kids at home will love a retro cinema sign that comes with sliding interchangeable clear plastic letters and characters which get placed into slots on the front of the light box.  This gift allows kids to create words and meaningful phrases for mom each day of the week.  One day the sign could read, “I Love You, Mom.” While the next day it could say, “You Hung Moon For Me.”  Or “I Love You to Infinity.”  Any special sayings or phrases can be added to a “My Cinema Lightbox.”   The possibilities are endless with this gift which is sure to shine!  Its lightweight design allows for easy transport and is battery operated for portable use anywhere. It has and LED back-light and includes 72 letters, numbers, and characters. It’s a gift that both mom and kids will love.


Price: $49.99


A Gift That Makes a Statement –  Our mothers taught us to “have courage” and to “be kind” right?  This year give mom a personalized gift from Jessie Girl Jewelry that can include statement about anything your mother taught or instilled in you as a youth.   This line of  personalized accessories allows you to show your love and admiration for mom, grandma or that special aunt by choosing from custom wrap rings, bangles, pendants with special names, dates and sayings.  So whether it’s a bangle that says “Grandmothers are mothers with a lot of frosting” or a necklace with the names of each of mom’s children…. there’s something sure to warm the heart of any recipient this year.


Price: Prices start at $19.99

Happy Mother’s Day!