How to Make More Money from home with @mytotspot, #TotspotElite

This year, I made a vow to myself. I am going to try to make more money. As a Mommy on a Shoestring, I have learned about parity. I know that I don’t need 10 pairs of black shoes when one or two good pairs will do just fine. I have come to appreciate quality over quantity and learned that when it comes to living on a budget it’s all about making choices ~ splurge on things that are important,  while cutting corners things that are not.

But there’s always been a nagging problem ~ I’m just not making a lot of money. When I say a lot, I’m not talking millions ~ what I mean is, so much of what I do is fantastically fun, super interesting and given me the opportunity to meet lovely and wonderful people and do things I never thought I’d ever be able to do. Never in a million years would I think I’d have a newspaper column that goes into 40 papers, or be a regular guest on WGN TV.

But there’s a downside. If you look at the hours I have spent blogging, speaking at events, doing TV, etc…You’ll see I’m barely breaking even.  So there’s the rub, I love what I do, it’s fun, rewarding and right up my ally ~ the problem? Fun, rewarding and right up my ally doesn’t buy dinner or pay the electric bill. So this year I  looking for ways to make more money.

And that brings me to Totspot. Children grow, clothes don’t and all those adorable polo shirts and crew pants JRB used to ear have value. I’ve written about Totspot before, as I have been honored to be a brand ambassador since last spring, which is why I am thrilled to announce…

Totspot is making it easier than ever to buy and sell gently loved clothes, while also making money.

Introducing Totspot’s new VIP Seller Program. This program allows you to…

  • Build a store in under a minute where you can sell your kids gently loved clothes.
  • Relegate the boring stuff i.e.: handling transactions, creating the mailing labesl, tracking packages, etc to Totspot.
  • Have access to  customer support 24/7 and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Use Social Media to build awareness while leveraging Totspot’s huge base of buyers.
  • And if you already own an Instagram or Facebook store ~ Totspot will pay you money (up to $1000) to partner with them.

Simply click this link to learn more about the program and find out  how you can earn up to $1000 with Totspot.

So join me this year as we find ways to make more money while finding quality time to spend with our kids and do things we love. After all that is the Mommy on a Shoestring way.