tilthemorningLullabies by Edie Carey and Sarah Sample fresh, gorgeous for new families

When my girls were tiny, we relied on our lullaby albums. In the car, before nap time, bedtime rocking—I cannot understate how important they were to our routines and after a long day, how they reminded my husband and I that we were not alone in the often rocky road of parenting. The singers and musicians that walked alongside us in our best and worst times reminded us to be not only in the moment, but to be grateful for the little bubble we were in. With that in mind, I would invite every new parent to welcome Edie Carey and Sarah Sample into their little bubble. The singer-songwriting duo has a new album out “Til the Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort,” an album filled with lovely, quieting harmonies and soft instrumentations with a soothing bluegrass tinge.

The first track is a masterful rendition of “Lullaby” by the Dixie Chicks—I love songs like this that take on a completely different meaning when moved from a more traditional adult love song, to a love song for your child. The duo’s voices meld perfectly and retain that Dixie Chick goodness, all the while making it their own. This song is particularly moving when paired with the knowledge that the pair are supporters of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and this album also doubles as a source of comfort to people dealing with infertility. They are giving away this song as a free download.0002617043_10

Other standouts on this album are “California Stars”—a surprising choice for a lullaby—lyrics by Woody Guthrie and most recently made popular by Billy Bragg and Wilco, but interpreted so softly that you wondered  why it wasn’t a lullaby to start with, and “These Things” by Edie Carey—a song about the preciousness of parenthood, without being a tiny bit precious or expected in its lyrics.

This album would be the perfect baby shower gift, or a surprise download for new sleep deprived parents. They will thank you for it, for years to come.

For more information about Edie Carey and Sarah Sample visit their websites:
ediecarey.com and sarahsample.com