Long Days, Short Years

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems every song I listen to these days has a familiar theme;  Don’t Blink! ~ These crazy days with little ones running around will soon be over and you will miss them.  I try to think about it on days like today when we are rushing out the door only to discover my car keys were “hidden” and Jrb forgot where he hid them or when he wants to play Go Fish for the 14,000th time or when he tells me he no longer likes apples and almonds and foods that start with “A,” preferring to be a “P” kid instead which means I am to give him pizza, pretzels and popcorn!  (Nice try!).  So I am trying to bottle up these days by planning lots of family fun nights and adventures and making sure we have plenty of time together.

Sound familiar?  I figure if we can’t stop time, we might as well have fun in the process.  The link below will bring you to an article I recently wrote for  Edmontons Child Magazine (page 28).  It is all about fun summertime activities to do with your kids. If you have other ideas please share them below.  I am always on the lookout for fun ideas: edmontonschild.com. Now I’m off to buy some Pasta, Potatoes and Pineapple.

Shoestrings and Peace, Beth