Kid Safety and Sports, #PlayItHealthy with @MinuteClinic

Dateline: Chicago, July 21. We still have about 5 more weeks until the start of school, which means it’s time to start thinking ahead. This fall, JRB is going to play soccer and tennis and his super fun experiences on the baseball field and golf courses this summer mean that we’ll try to work those activities into his schedule as well. I don’t mind his sporty schedule. In fact, I prefer JRB playing multiple sports as I feel strongly that children at his age really should be active, have fun and not feel compelled to narrow down their interests (for the sake of specializing in one sport) ~ after all he is only 8! Pre-planning is key. As A mom, it’s still my responsibility to make sure he has the right equipment (did you know there’s a different between soccer cleans and baseball cleats?), rule him up with ample amounts of water and healthy snacks and make sure I take the necessary safety precautions to keep him healthy throughout the season. And if I can save money in the process ~ even better (those cleats are NOT CHEAP!) That’s where Minute Clinic comes in. For a limited time, Minute Clinic is offering sports physicals for just $39  (that’s $20 off!).

Even if your kids’  sport doesn’t require it, it’s important to make sure your little ones are healthy & safe from the get-go.

Considering our doctors office charges $30 to JUST FILL OUT HEALTH FORMS, $39 is an absolute bargain. I’m a huge fan of Minute Clinic when it comes to diagnosing and treating minor issues and illnesses such as routine ear infections, pink eye, sore throats, etc. Many of the clinics are open on the weekends and will accept most insurance plans. I typically see a PA to Nurse Practitioner when I go to the DR’s office anyway so Minute Clinic makes sense both from a logistical and financial perspective and let’ face it when it comes to our kids, there is no reason to not #PlayItHealthy! In fact I feel so passionate about the issue I made a movie. So get out the popcorn, Settle in and PRESS PLAY!


So check out Minute Clinic by visiting their website and finding a location near you. I really think Clinics like these are the wave of the future. In the meantime, enjoy your next 5 weeks, don’t forget to find some time for you and ALWAYS #PlayItHealthy!

Disclosure: This Post was sponsored by Minute Clinic. However, since I only work with companies I believe in, rest assured all opinions are my own! Have a GREAT Day!