through-the-woods-album-cover-nospineJourney worthy new music from The Okee Dokee Brothers

As parents everywhere know, it’s hard to find time for everything—family, work, occasionally showering—so when the new album “Through the Woods” from The Okee Dokee Brothers arrived, I couldn’t wait to listen to this highly anticipated follow up to their Grammy winning album “Can You Canoe.” Unfortunately for me, it just sat there on my desk. Day after day, it was patient with my busy self, calling to me softly saying “You know your day will be better if you play me” and “C’mon now, turn off that awful news and let me remind you what’s really important—nature, and adventure, kindness and connection, rhythm and wildness.”

And I’m happy to report, that although I really have no excuse for waiting so long , that it was absolutely worth it. Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing took a month last year, hiked the Appalachian Trail and wrote the songs for this album based on their adventure. Like “Can You Canoe” there an abundance of authentic foot tappin’ tunes about the outdoors, plants and animals mixed in with the best of Americana mountain music. Some of its best moments are the life lesson tidbits mixed in with the low tech instrument infused goodness (pots, pans, log drum, jaw harp and more)—songs like “Lighten Your Load” about traveling light, not just on the trail but as through your life and “Out of Tune” about the unscripted and brilliant parts of being human that we should all celebrate. I’m happy to say this album will definitely be on my personal “best of 2014” list.

duo-closeupThis album also comes with a dvd, a 50 minute supplemental film about their trip. To learn more about “Through the Woods” and to see photos and videos, visit their site: Okee Dokee

Enjoy! Jenna

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