I don’t know about you ~ but I’ve been really anxious and scattered this week.  Maybe it’s work / school / home / JRB / “fill in the blank ” but I feel like I’m  juggling 10 pound bowling balls (or maybe just a  bunch of batons on fire)!  Of course, the fact that JRB’s babysitter is 39 weeks pregnant probably doesn’t help either because I am in a constant state of…. “is she going into labor today?” And if so, can she at least wait until I file this story /prep for my photo shoot / research ideas for my upcoming TV segment / watch a sneak peek of  “Miss Representation” at Harpo / or my personal (and shameless) favorite …get my gray covered  before I am offered the senior discount at Denny’s.

That isn’t to say the week has been all bad.  Watching a Sneak Peek of “Miss Representation” at Harpo was nothing short of amazing.  (check out my review)  But there is something else that is keeping me above the fray, helping me turn the anxious moments upside down…Curious what it is?? Check it out ~

Oprah’s Lifeclass is the perfect anecdote to the “Must Do’s” & “Should Have’s!”  It is a pure hour of insight, levity, learning and laughs.  It really is opne of the best classes I have ever taken and is  one of the best (and cheapest, easiest with no fat) sanity savers around.  Take a peek and see for yourself ~ give it 5 minutes and you’ll be hooked!!  Not sure which channel OWN is on?  Visit Own’s Channel Finder!