My mom was the original Mommy on a Shoestring.

She painted toilet paper rolls, added glitter and called them “doot-doot machines.”

She believed bored people are boring people and would often give us blank tiles to paint which she hung on our  kitchen walls.

She loved beling close to her kids but not in a “girlfriend way” in other words:  She didn’t wear juicy couture and ask about the latest gossip.

She loved CSPAN and QVC but never HSN.

She told me that most men lie ~ and really she had a point…(sorry guys)

She wore a “fall” (wig), fake fingernails (Sally Hansen) and was the first person I know to wear tanning cream (Estee Lauder)  BUT she was the most real person I know.

She believed in being nice and kind and although she might have been living with drama we’d never knew it.

She belived when life gives you lemons you make lemonade and for her I dedicate this MOAS video ~ starring one of her granddaughter’s AVERY.