• Flower Pot
  • Black paint, gold metallic marker or stickers
  • Chocolate gold-foiled coins and/or stuffed animals


  1. Paint a Flower Pot black and write Pot of Gold on the front with metallic marker (or use stickers). Fill the pot with gold-foiled chocolate coins (available at any crafts store) or in our case a favorite stuffed animal!
  2. Next, hide the pot in a secret location. Send your kids on a scavenger hunt around the house looking for gold…Here’s how:
    • Decide on 5 places you want your kids to search, for example: the bathroom mirror, under the bed, on top of the washing machine, etc. The 6th clue should be where the pot of gold is hidden.
    • Write each clue backwards on a note card and number each card, 1-6.
    • Give your kids clue #1 along with a hand mirror, or tell them to put the clue up in front of the mirror in order to decode the secret message.  Clue #1 will tell the children where to look for clue #2. For example, if the second clue is hidden on top of the dishwasher, the first clue should say (in backwards writing)…Look on top of the dishwasher.  The clue that is sitting on top of the dishwasher should lead the children to the next clue until all the clues are found and the pot of “gold” is located. Writing the clues backwards adds a magical element as well as a little bit of learning which is always a plus.