My Mom and Me (the little girl on my lap is a sophomore in college!)

Baby Hillary, Mom and Me. I used to carry around this picture in my wallet  so it’s a little “worn” from being folded!  PS: Baby Hillary is a now a sophomore in college!

Today is Mom’s birthday. She would have been 71, which means it’s been a little less than 19 years since she’s passed. It’s weird to think about that as I was only 25 when she died which means I’ve been on this earth almost as long without my mom as I’ve been with her. At least that’s the truth in terms of math, but for me, my mother has never really left my side, especially her “voice” which taught me that  ~  no matter what ~ I was loved and cherished for  who I was rather than what I did. Her love was unconditional. It’s a powerful reminder with my own son as I want him to always know that voice, to always be aware that he is perfect just as he is. I want JRB to see himself as a blessing,  not just to others but to himself as well. That’s not to say he should think  the world  revolves around him (though sometimes I think he does) but that he, you or anyone else for that matter can find joy in being who we are, no matter what how quirky or odd, normal or mundane ~ as long as we live our truth (i.e.: find the things that bring us joy and solace) we can lead rich fulfilling lives.

And that brings me to the issue of  JRB’s business cards.

Next week we’re going to DisneyWorld for The Type-A Blogger Bootcamp conference;  JRB will attend “Kid Con” which is a conference  for blogger’s kids while I attend a conference for bloggers. JRB insists on bringing business cards to the conference which is fine except that he wants his name on the card to be Sherman (because apparently after seeing Sherman and Mr Peabody last week he decided he’d like to change his name to Sherman)  And as for his job description, he  wants too be known as a motivational speaker because he really likes this Geiko Commercial where Pinocchio makes a terrible “Tony Robbins.” JRB  has named his company Buddy Inc, after the Disney Buddy Movies, because why wouldn’t you name your company after your favorite Disney franchise?  And I agreed to help him make the cards today after school, not because it’s cute or cool or I’m hoping he will make big bucks helping others “unleash” their potential (get it, unleash)~ but because the idea is 100% JRB’s and  100% my mom. Silly, irreverent and grounded in a belief we can be anyone we want to be… that was my mom. As she got more sick and was confined more and more to her bed (long story) she spent her days entering sweepstakes (pre-internet) by decorating sweepstake entries and envelopes with rhinestones, glitter and cool pictures from magazines. She had read somewhere that a well decorated envelope increased your chances of winning. My mom ended up spending so much money on creating these entries and winning “stuff” she didn’t need (a year supply of ketchup anyone?) that she was able write off her expenses as a “professional sweeper,” which is really not all that different than JRB becoming a motivational speaker named Sherman ~  in  both cases mom, JRB and by extension, me ~ are finding joy in the silly, irreverent and mundane while keeping an eye on the horizon and a future filled with possibility. Happy Birthday Mom! xo Ms Peabody.

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