Baseball-Party_200Just imagine how happy your little one will be when he gets to host his own baseball birthday party right at home. This party is perfect for boys or girls ages 6 and up!


Photograph your little slugger in front of a large posterboard or chalkboard with the party information. Glue photo prints to paper and decorate with stickers for a festive touch. For a fun addition, remind the kids to wear their favorite team cap or player’s jersey.


Make mini-baseball fields: As the guests arrive, have them make their own mini-edible fields using graham crackers, frosting, pretzel sticks, shaved coconut (dyed green), assorted cereals, toasted wheat germ (sand) and gummie bears. The children can carry their fields home in a decorated “stadium”, made from recycled cereal boxes.

Move on to the games which include:

  • Home–Run Derby: Play just like the pros, designate target and see how many times each “player” can score a homerun!
  • Sunflower seed spitting contest: Yes, it sounds gross … but most little boys thrive on this kind of stuff!
  • Go NUTS for Baseball: What’s a baseball game without peanuts? Hide roasted peanuts (in the shell) all over the house. Give each player a bag and let him or her search high and low for the peanuts. The person who collects the most peanuts (by weight — you don’t want to spend the next 10 days counting peanuts) wins.
    *NOTE, be sure to check with all the children’s parents prior to the party to ensure there are no peanut allergies in the group. Hiding pennies would work equally as well.

Finally, it’s time for seventh inning stretch (lunch)!


Steamed Dogs and Third Base Sliders (wrapped in foil just like at the ball park), Home-plate No Fry Fries served in mini wax paper bags, Fruit Ball Kabobs (assorted melon balls and grapes on skewers), homemade Cracker Jacks served in recycled mini cereal boxes, covered with colored paper — be sure to insert a sticker or tattoo in each box for an added surprise!

Beverage: Lemonade mixed with food coloring to match your favorite team. In Chicago, we call it “Cubby-Ade”!

Dessert: “Batter-up” Birthday Cake


Personalized Baseball Cards: Although this favor idea requires a bit of preparation, it will pay off big-time when each child goes home with a special reminder of this wonderful day.