By activating the healing from within, Brandy Gillmore has learned to live a pain free life no longer needs the use of a wheelchair

“What is holistic healing?

That’s the question, I first asked Brandy Gillmore when I interviewed her over the phone last week. I’ve heard about holistic medicine before but had always been a little skeptical about it’s efficacy. “You’re not the first person to be skeptical of holistics,” Gillmore said during our interview.  “In fact, if you were to tell me 15 years ago that I would someday own my own a holistic healing practice, I would have though you were crazy.” But that was before everything changed. In 2003, Gillmore had an accident that left her in chronic and excruciating pain.

She developed  Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy  which is painful neurovascular disorder that is both debilitating and difficult to treat. Gillmore’s doctors were confounded. They prescribed heavy duty narcotics to manage the pain, but the meds were not effective as they only worked short term and made Gillmore feel light-headed and dazed. Soon Gillmore found herself incapacitated, spending up to 22 hours-a-day in bed. Always the problem solver, (prior to the accident Gillmore had worked in network operations) Gillmore started to research holistic medicine.  She requested additional blood work and lab tests as she studied the effects of hormones, herbs and supplements. She began to see her pain as just one piece of the puzzle and she delved into the  deep connection between mind and body.

By incorporating a combination of holistic healing elements, Gillmore was beginning to feel better ~ she got stronger, healthier and her pain came less frequently. Soon her wheelchair was less essential as she transitioned to a walker, cane and eventually was able to walk  (pain free) on her own. Brandy Gillmore was getting her life back and it was all due to holistic healing. Brandy Gillmore was a walking miracle. There’s a lot to admire about Gillmore’s story especially her tenacity in the face of adversity and her belief that she WOULD absolutely get better. I also love the fact that Gillmore realized she could heal from within and that our mind has much more control over our health then we even know.

~When you change your thoughts you can change your life~

How powerful to think we have the capacity to heal from within. How amazing is it that we can alter the course of our lives by putting forth the energy we want for ourselves; to become the change we want to see. Gillmore’s healing from within technique is astounding. I’ve seen it first hand when she helped me over the phone get rid of some tension and pain in my shoulders. Gillmore knows what it’s like to live with chronic pain.  She knows what it’s like to feel hopeless and alone. But she also knows the power that we all have inside us. Currently Gillmore is writing a book about her experience and how we all can activate the healing from within. I can’t wait to buy it for myself and my friends/family/associates. But until then, I take solace in knowing that I can call Gillmore to help with my pain, to work through any ailments and stresses that life throws my way. After I hung up the phone with Gillmore I felt happier, lighter and more in control. I felt empowered to take care of some things that had been causing me pain. and discomfort. I even worked up the nerve to face some old demons (i.e.: my crazy messy pantry). After all…

…Those who love life will eat its fruit.

Happy Monday everyone! xo Beth

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