KissRings_72We were thrilled to have this project featured in Family Fun magazine!


  • Original Hershey’s Kisses (in silver wrappers)
  • Pipe cleaners


  1. Make an “x” with the two pieces of pipe cleaner and twist them together in the center
  2. Place Hershey’s Kiss flat side down in center of “x”
  3. Taking opposite sides of the “x” pipe cleaner, bring the sides to the point of the Kiss and twist to secure. Do the same thing with the other two sides. Now your “diamond” is in place.
  4. To make the band, take two of the pipe cleaners and twist them together, same with the other two. Wrap the two sides around your child’s finger to fit, twist to secure and trim off ends. Make sure to crimp down the ends to they are not sharp.
  5. Add a message by downloading our tags here—print, cut out, slip through the band and secure with tape on the back.